Thermi the Thermomix

Thermi the thermomix (pictured below) has been part of our family for a few months now and I use her!!

I came across this wonderful machine a few years ago at my sisters house when she magically whipped up a Leek and Potatoe soup in the same amount of time it took us to make the accompanying salad! The depth of flavour present in this soup was the same as if she had spent considerable more time with it on the stove top! It was quite amazing to me but to be honest the price tag put me off.

Fast forward to late last year, I had just given birth to our 3rd child and after the Freezer stash ran out, I found myself putting together meals in a slap dash manner. While the boys didn’t particularly mind the limited cycle of 4 meals, my husband and I were getting a bit weary.

We tried the various food in a bag services around and found them to be quite expensive and limited in terms of the meals they made up…usually only dinner. Which meant that we still had to find a solution (and time) for the other meals/snacks throughout the day.

So with summer approaching (aka having 2 hungry boys plus a hungry breastfeeding mumma home full-time) we needed another solution.

And that’s where Thermi came along. I got in touch with a consultant through the Thermomix website, she came to my house to do a demo with me and I put in my order. In Auckland, the turnaround time for delivery is about 2 weeks.

In those 2 weeks I researched all the awesome recipes available on the Thermomix recipe website and got ready for her arrival.

In the approximately 6 months I have had Thermi, she has proved to be an excellent spare pair of hands in the kitchen. Below is a common list of things that I can do with Thermi that save me a lot of time and mess in the kitchen

  • Chopping: Thermi will finely dice onion, garlic and ginger in 3 seconds or less, depending on how fine you want the dice. This is invaluable, even when I am not using the Thermi to cook the meal. This functionality is also amazing for other things that need to be diced up…really anything!
  • Stirring: recipes that need careful hand holding like risotto, custard, caramel etc are a breeze. I just chuck things in and go do something else in the meantime. One of my favourite go-to’s is pasta, I chuck the pasta straight into Thermi and 9 minutes later I have perfect al dente pasta, no stirring and watching and waiting involved. Similar story for Rice.
  • Grating: I like to make Little Miss’ food at home as much as possible. So the other day I found a recipe for crackers but had no rice flour. Not a problem for Thermi, I chucked in some brown rice and 10 seconds later I had rice flour. The same applies for parmesan or other cheese blocks, chocolate, making icing sugar from sugar, almond meal from almonds…the list goes on..
  • Guided Cooking: Thermomix has inbuilt functionality that allows you to select and sync recipes online with your machine. This means that the time, temperature and cooking speed are all pre-selected and all you need to do is press next and turn the knob. This was and still is excellent when I have been up all night with Little Miss and my brain is a bit befuddled!
  • Baking: Before we bought the Thermomix, bread making was something other people did. While I would wistfully and optimistically pin bread recipes on my Pinterest board, it was not something I ever found time for. And then along came Thermi. In this machine I can weigh in all the ingredients and then knead in one go. Literally 5-8 minutes later I have a perfectly mixed dough ready for proving. Suffice to say my bread repertoire has improved 1000% since January!
  • Layered cooking: The Varoma is a dish that sits on top of the Thermi and allows steam to cook your food. So essentially you can cook numerous items of food separately but at the same time. My favourite example of this is when I need to steam baby food, while I use the Varoma to boil eggs, steam veges and then use the top most tray to steam the Salmon steaks. 20 minutes later and I have a complete meal for the entire family including Little Miss!
  • Self-cleaning. Say what? Yes really….the machine cleans itself people! I love love love this feature. It doesn’t matter what I cook in Thermi, from sticky gooey caramel, dough, curry, melted chocolate….i rinse it out, put water in it, chuck in a few drops of detergent and then blast the Thermi on Turbo for 2 seconds and its done! So not only do I not go through half a dozen pots and pans for dinner, I also don’t have the big clean up afterwards.

So yes, the Thermomix is not cheap, but in my honest opinion the number of things this amazing machine can do far outweighs the cost. I love cooking and baking, and when I am not time poor, Thermi allows me to experiment and step out of my comfort zone, don my inner Julia Child and cook something spectacular. At the same time, most weeknights when I am rushing around like a headless chook, Thermi cooks and cleans for me. Since having Thermi, I have sold my KitchenAid, blender, rice cooker, egg boiler and juicer!

If you are interested in learning more I would recommend jumping on their website and getting in touch with a consultant to come and cook a complete meal for you using the Thermomix.

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