My Thermomix Cooking Experience

So I have previously waxed lyrical about my Thermi. Most people who know me, know that I have one and am in love with it!! So I decided to host a cooking experience, as they are called, to show off this awesome machine. I called a consultant as I figured they would be the best people to put on a professional experience.


– very hands on: the consultant recommended a maximum of 3 guests which it turns out, meant that each of them got to make one dish each. Each dish was carefully chosen to show off as many neat features as possible. Getting your hands dirty is really the best way to appreciate this machine and I think my guests enjoyed this aspect very much!

– consultant was very knowledgeable and had an answer for every question fired her way. My guests had all sorts of questions, what else can it do? How do interest free payments work? Can you make sauces in it? Caramel? Icing? How do you clean it? How does the cook key work? Etc etc etc…the consultant was awesome. She calmly and systematically answered all queries. She was a wealth of knowledge.

– The set up and clean down was a breeze and very professional. The consultant and her assistant turned up 20 minutes before my guests and took over my kitchen and dining room (in a nice way). They had asked for a few ingredients to be present but brought with them everything else. They expertly set up the dining room for the cooking experience. Afterwards they washed up and put everything back. They put away the leftovers and cleaned down the kitchen. Great!


– The introduction was really long and at times felt a bit like I was sitting in a board room being pitched an idea that wasn’t very good. This bit felt a bit clumsy and impersonal. I didn’t really want to hear facts and figures about Thermomixes, Vorwerk and about how to become a consultant. I certainly didn’t need to see a 5 minute marketing video about it.

– At the end of the cooking experience there seemed to be a hectic flurry of activity asking for paperwork and trying to lock in days with my guests for hosting a demo …sorry cooking experience… at their homes. This was worst of all in my opinion and made me, as a host, cringe a bit.

I guess they have to make money selling these machines and that takes some hustling. I just didn’t appreciate how it was done.

It’s about expectations I suppose. I think the Thermomix is such an excellent machine. It can do soooooo many things that novice and expert chefs alike would find useful and in my opinion essential. At the same time there is a hefty price tag attached to it that can be very off-putting to a lot of people.

That being said, I had envisaged a cooking experience to be more about the former rather than overcoming the latter. I had envisaged an hour and a half or so of my guests being ah-mazed at all the wonderful things that Thermi can do, not being pushy pitched a $2000 machine.

All in all my guests and I ended up with some nice lunch and a nice catch up with our bubbas too. And while I felt a bit embarrassed about how forward my consultant was, they got some hands on experience with the Thermomix and information about this amazing and wonderful invention.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope this was helpful for you 🙂

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