5 reasons to love Thermomix

I want to share with you my thoughts on the wonderous joy that is Thermomix. As you can see from my description of it I am a FAN.

My husband kindly agreed to us buying a Thermomix in January of this year when our newborn baby was 7 weeks old. And our lives since then have been radically transformed. Ok not really…but if you ask my husband you would think so, only because I rant and rave about this kitchen appliance every.single.day 🙂

I first saw it in action a few years ago and was amazed by all that it could do, but honestly the huge price tag associated with it put me off. Fast forward to late last year and we welcomed Little Miss in to our already busy household with Master 8 and Master 7. I found myself hurriedly and hastily slapping together dinner while Little Miss took a micro-nap or was attached to me in the front pack. As someone who takes a lot of pride in feeding my family healthy, nutritious and home cooked meals, this was particularly unsavoury!

Before we go further, I should note that I am not a Thermomix consultant or in any way affliated with Vorwerk (the creators of this amazing machine!). Also please note that I have a TM5, which has slightly less features than the brand new TM6 being released in July.

So here we dive into the juicy part! so why is this machine so incredible and why would I spend the $$ again in a heartbeat? First of all, for those who might be a bit unfamiliar with what the Thermomix is, this from their website:

I am unsure what the 12 appliances are to be honest, but my TM5 for sure has replaced my KitchenAid, blender, rice cooker, kitchen scales and egg boiler to name a few. Thermi blends, steams, mixes, weighs, emulsifies, stirs, grinds, whisks, chops, heats, cooks, and kneads. It really is second pair of hands in the kitchen!

I could literally sit here and rave about ALLLLL the wonderful things this machine can do, but I don’t have all day and neither do you probably. So I have narrowed it down to 5 things that are most helpful for me as a busy mum of 3 and things that I use the machine for practically every day.

  1. Chops, blends and cooks in one pot. This by far is the most outstanding feature of the Thermi. There is a fairly robust blade at the bottom of the bowl, married with an equally robust motor that can make short work of lemon peels, parmesan cheese, chocolate…you name it. I literally chuck in my ingredient list of whatever I happen to be cooking and Thermi churns out a complete meal. An example of this is Butter Chicken, a firm favourite around here. Done over a stove top in a traditional manner there would be an excessive amount of chopping, stirring, checking etc etc…not with Thermi! You can set the timer, the temp and mixing speed for various parts of the recipe and ta da….homemade-better-than-takeout-butter chicken is ready in under 40 minutes.
  2. Simultaneous cooking using the Varoma. The Varoma is a dish that sits on top of the Thermi and allows steam to cook your food. My favourite example of this is when I need to steam baby food, while I use the Varoma to boil eggs, steam veges and then use the top most tray to steam the Salmon steaks. 20 minutes later and I have a complete meal for the entire family including Little Miss!
  3. Weighing and Kneading. Before we bought the Thermi, bread making was something other people did. While I would wistfully and optimistically pin bread recipes on my Pinterest board, it was not something I ever found time for. And then along came Thermi. In this machine I can weigh in all the ingredients and then knead in one go. Literally 5-8 minutes later I have a perfectly mixed dough ready for proving. Suffice to say my bread repertoire has improved 1000% since January!
  4. Cook-Key. The guided cooking where recipe instructions appear on the electronic touch screen on the base of the machine. This is connected to Cookidoo, Vorwerks own website which contains literally thousands of recipes from all over the world. You can go online, choose the recipes your fancy and these sync to your machine. As an added bonus, you can meal plan and create a shopping list on Cookidoo. Wonderful! Once synced all the recipe steps are pre-programmed so all you have to is turn the knob and press next. No brainer really and its impossible to burn anything! While I am partial to other Thermomix recipe websites (e.g. Skinnymixers, Thermomumma, Thermobexta, to name a few), when I am in a hurry or have had a long then the guided cooking is a lifesaver.
  5. Self-cleaning. Say what? Yes really….the machine cleans itself people! I love love love this feature. It doesn’t matter what I cook in Thermi, from sticky gooey caramel, dough, curry, melted chocolate….i rinse it out, put water in it, chuck in a few drops of detergent and then blast the Thermi on Turbo for 2 seconds and its done! So not only do I not go through half a dozen pots and pans for dinner, I also don’t have the big clean up afterwards.

So there you have it, my Top 5 reasons for why Thermomix is a must-have for my kitchen:)

I hope you have found this review useful!

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